Our goal is to serve our clients as a catalyst for a sustainable future through education, promotion and installation of energy efficient products.
Solar-G specializes in identifying all sources of inefficient power consumption and implements solutions that improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and integrate entire operating systems.
Our services range in scope from residential, industrial and commercial facilities. We specialize in solar systems of 100 watts to 5 megawatts output, and provide:
  • Energy Efficiency Evaluation
  • Large Scale, Uninterrupted Power Connection
  • Power Quality Enhancement
  • Power Conditioning
  • Building Systems Integration (BSI)
  • Building Automation System (BAS)
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Applications
  • Grid-tied Renewable Energy Systems Design and Installation
We are well versed in securing government and utility rebates, and take pride in achieving the maximum possible benefits for each and every client.